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Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ! Welcome to the website of Lutheran Church of the Redeemer. The Rev. Gregory R. Huth, Pastor at

Celebrate Synod Sunday

Redeemer Church will launch the month of October by celebrating Synod Sunday at our Oct. 1, 10:15 a. m. worship service and fellowship hour. Along with good coffee, snacks and conversation, we will be running a 7-minute video produced by the New England Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. In it, our bishop, the Rev. James Hazelwood, explains some of the many ministries and services provided by the synod, one of more than 65 across the United States.

What are some of those ministries? To begin, the synod helps its 180 congregations recruit and place ministers and deacons. It also recruits, screens and supports seminary candidates as potential pastors. The synod, as well, supports and advises the newly formed United Lutheran Seminary, which has merged the former Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia and Gettysburg Lutheran Seminary.

The New England Synod also sponsors Camp Calumet in New Hampshire, and supports several campus ministries. There is a special team to help existing congregations to resolve conflicts, and the synod also launches and assists several mission congregations every year.

To learn more about the many services offered by our synod, join us on Sunday, or click:

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