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Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ! Welcome to the website of Lutheran Church of the Redeemer. The Rev. Gregory R. Huth, Pastor at

It seems as if we’ve only just taken down the Christmas decorations, and here it is time to prepare our hearts for Lent. Ash Wednesday, the first day of this holy season, arrives on Feb. 14. We will mark the occasion with the distribution of ashes at a 7:15 PM worship service.

Why do Christians throughout the world mark their foreheads with ashes to begin the season of Lent? We do so out of humility, acknowledging that we are mortal beings, “ashes,” so to speak, and that one day we will die, and our bodies will return to this lifeless form. We prepare the ashes from the palms that are left over from the previous year’s Palm Sunday. It is a countercultural act of courage to face one’s own mortality. Just take a look at how our culture spends trying to deny or delay it. Multibillion dollar industries flourish selling us diets, cosmetics, exercise programs, even surgery that promise to make us appear younger and healthier. Christians who observe Ash Wednesday take a step back and acknowledge that ultimately, the length of time that we will spend on this earth is in God’s hands. We trust in the God who from dust fashioned the miracle of our lives to be with us at the moment when to dust we shall return. Just as our Lord Jesus trusted in God when he triumphantly entered into the holy city of Jerusalem, knowing that soon he would face his passion and death on a cross. For Christ also knew that following his suffering and death, his Father would raise him again into a new body that would never die, just as God will raise us, his followers, on the last day. Thus, the Wednesday ashes on our foreheads take the form of Christ’s eternal cross. Christ has died. Christ has risen. Christ will come again. And so, he promises, will we.

In His service, Pastor Greg Huth
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